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  1. This is why we love this blog and everything you do! So inspirational!

  2. Hi! Loving your new pictures on Instagram! Don’t listen to any negative comments! You know you look amazing! You have done a lot to raise body confidence and be proud of how you look. As I have said before I took your advice as a guy and now often post selfies in my boxers. And by the way your underwear selfies are amazing as you look hot and beautiful!

    • Hey glad to see you took Jasmine’s advice Darren! We need more guys to post underwear selfies! This trend must take off! As everyone says there is something sexy about posting a pic in your underwear for everyone to see! Keep it up!

      • Darren Earl July 1, 2017

        It should take off! Funnily enough a girl I work with asked me about this as she follows me and has seen all of these pictures and asked how I have the confidence and do I ever feel embarrassed that everyone sees me in just my underwear. Since I have known her she said that she has been unhappy with her weight even though she is actually stunning. Anyway I showed her this and everything Jasmine puts on Instagram and her motto “My body, my rules” and this is so true. I explained it doesn’t bother me in the slightest that everyone knows what I look like in my boxers and what underwear I where. But its about being happy in yourself. This has worked and she has listened and she sent a snapchat today in just her bra and knickers and looked fantastic! Yes she is not a skinny girl but so what? This is thanks to you Jasmine!

        • Yep Jasmine is fantastic! Another girl on board and learning to accept her body and feeling great within herself! Loving the positivity here! And Darren I told you a while back you would end up posting pictures you sometimes basically show off what color your boxers are and as you say your work colleagues now all now what boxers you wear! Haha! I am sure you don’t mind at all!

  3. You are so inspiring! We are all different, fat, thin, big, small. It doesn’t matter. You are so right we should celebrate our bodies and be proud of it! Its interesting seeing your pictures as you have clearly grown in confidence since it started and now you wear less and less, hence the underwear pictures!

    • She looks amazung doesn’t she? Being confident in your own skin does this and it makes you feel sexy!

  4. Looking gorgeous on your new pics! Can’t wait for the next update 💜

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