How To Start A “Body Positive” Instagram Account.

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So you want to start a “body positive account” huh?

Over the last few weeks, I have gotten countless emails from people who want to start body positive accounts asking me how to get started. To be honest, I am not the authority on body positivity and am still learning, but here are a few things I think you should ask yourself before venturing in.

1. Do you even know what body positivity is?
I have said this before, but body positivity is a political movement. It is not the same as body confidence and self-love. If you want to make an account solely about loving yourself and not the bigger picture, then you may want to reevaluate.

2. Why do you feel the need to ask for permission?
What do you gain from my saying yes or no? As I said above, I am not the authority on body positivity, and you can literally do what you want. Just be ready to be held accountable for what you post. Everyone is.

3. Do you care about marginalized people?
If you are claiming to be body positive then the answer should always be YES. Seriously. If there are no intersections in your activism, then you guessed it, you are NOT really body positive.

4. Are you doing this to gain a following or because you think it’s trendy?
If only you could see my side-eye right now. So many people are starting these accounts to gain a following and jump on the bandwagon of the medias prepackaged version of body positivity instead of listening to actual activists. Body Positivity is not about gaining a following and to be honest, is not about an individual person as it is a movement.

5. How are you helping the conversation move forward?
A lot of accounts were started by people thinking body positivity was self-love ( I know mine mistakenly was at one point) and as such the conversation became about loving your “flaws” (which is a personal thing between you and your body). While that is great for self-love, how is that helping to break down barriers and change biases against marginalized people in the real world?

6. What do you have to say?
Seriously though. Most of the people behind bopo accounts started them because they have something to. Do you?

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