The One Year Project.

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Do you know what? I feel like 23 is still considered young. It’s like you’re at the point in your life where you’re young enough to do it, but old enough to know better. I feel like my life is at a crossroads right now. Almost four months ago, I walked away from one of my very safe and stable jobs (I had two in case you’re wondering). I told myself that I wanted more time to pursue creative avenues and since then, I have been having so much fun and have connected with some of the most amazing people.

It was ingrained in me from an early age to go to school and get an education so the quality of my life would improve and I would not be living out of a cardboard box under a bridge somewhere (no offense to people who have fallen on hard times and are living under a bridge somewhere, it’s just a less than ideal situation). I made a whole YouTube Video about it where I explained my decision more in-depth, but I wanted to still make this post.

At some point in your life you have to realize that your life is actually your life. I’ve come to the realization that as long as you are doing everything other people want you to do everything is fine, but the moment you decide fuck it, and do the things you really want to do with your life everyone suddenly has a problem with it and with you. The deciding factor is if you choose to listen to them, or if you say enough is enough and do what you really want.

When I walked away from one of my jobs I was terrified. How was I going to survive? Would people think that I was slacking off? Did I have what it takes to actually do this?

Turns out I did. Some people still don’t understand why I would want to pursue creative avenues and think I need to get a “full-time” job, but I can’t let that dissuade me.

I thought I was going to make my first post an epic one explaining what I hope to accomplish with this new blog/magazine/thingy, but I’ve had two different blogs in the past five years, and if that has taught me anything, it’s that I don’t know what this site will be until I start to upload on it regularly. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Comment 1

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