2018 Manifestations.

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My 2018 Manifestations.


Now I’m not normally one to believe in something like manifesting what you want to happen, but since it seems to be working for everyone else I’m going to give it a try for 2018.

  1. Platform – Obviously in 2018 I want my platform to grow leaps and bounds. The only way to spread the true meaning of body positivity to the masses is to have marginalized voices who understand what is happening have a large enough platform and audience to actually reach people and enact change.  So here’s to platform growth to for me and my marginalized comrades.
  2. Awesome Photoshoots & Collabs – I feel like in 2017 I was just starting to get my feet wet with blogging and being an “influencer” in general. I never realized what I could actually achieve with social media and collabing with people and brands. I definitely want to do more and elevate the kind of content that I put out.
  3. Body Positivity – I hope in 2018 that more people realize that body positivity and self-love are not synonymous. Body Positivity is POLITICAL. Seriously though. I’m going to do a whole post on it later.
  4. Money – Let me be one paid bitch in 2018 and beyond.
  5. Productivity – I really want to work harder on being more productive. I know that taking time for yourself is great for your mental health, but I aim to be more productive and work even harder this year. I don’t want to be stagnant.
  6. Mysse Match Mag – This year I want to start making this more into the kind of magazine I’ve always wanted it to be. A place to talk about everything and a safe space.
  7. Travel – I really want to travel this year. I honestly haven’t been to many places in my short lifetime, but I want to do and explore and see the world. I also think it would be amazing to show a fat WOC living life to the fullest. There is not enough representation of that and I think it would be great.

That is all I have for now, but as more come I will post them.

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